Create Wordpress Theme From Scratch! Build Your Own


WebAppGuides is the website which instructs how to develop wordpress themes from scratch.

The main objective of WebAppGuides is to give a reader the ability to create wordpress premium template from scratch

Thus by reading our contents, you will be able  to

  1. Design and develop variety type of wordpress themes.
  2. Modify free wordpress theme to premium theme.
  3. Create seo friendly template.

Our guides use infographics to provide visual presentation, normal text  and videos for better understanding.

The instruction of how to create beautiful wordpress is divided into two parts.

first part, It creates complete theme.

second part, It explains the functions which retrieve data from wordpress database.

WebAppGuides puts those two parts into two categories.

Here are two categories although We will add more categories later on.

  1. WP Guides
  2. Theme Functions

WP Guides Category

Here, We construct real template.

The template will demonstrate how to render wordpress data.

In fact,

You will learn.

How to create wordpress blog template.

Designing Landing page.

Develop wordpress template which features blog section.

Bulding wordpress themes with sliders.

WebAppGuides’s Strategy to create full theme.

It’s obvious website development consumes time BUT you know what? we can create more than one theme per day.

This is how we do it.

  • Creating plane html design at first place before developing
  • Designing css files for desktop and mobile
  • Creating contents manually
  • Comment each section for further reference
  • Copy all files to local server for instance xammp
  • Start actual coding.

Now learn how WebAppGuides break the above process

Before creating wordpress website, first thing is to think the appearance of the site.

The reality is that, you won’t be able to build attractive theme if you don’t design html page.

Htlm pages marks the area where data will display to a visitor.

Therefore, We design pages for landing page, posts, single pages, search result page, category page as well as pages like about.